The Droll Docent

All About the Droll Docent

Hello there, art lover! (Or random person wandering the internet and who happened to come across my blog.) I figured that since I plan to talk to you about one of my greatest passions, I should introduce myself so it feels less awkward when I go to hug you goodbye.

When I went back to college in my early 30’s, I decided to study art history because I have no desire to be employable. Actually, I am first and foremost a history lover; it has been a favorite subject of mine for as long as I can remember. And art history is just tangible, viewable history. Art is what a culture felt was important, or ideas that leaders wanted to emphasize, or it could even be the voice of the people during a particular time. Figuring out the nuances of an art piece by using visual and historical cues is fascinating and quite frankly, one of those things in this world that helps me feel that I have some intelligence. (Holding the latest issue of The New Yorker does that as well but I don’t want to carry that around all day to prove I am a smarty-pants).

But as professors would go through slide after slide featuring various works of art, I would chuckle at the visual aspect of a piece or the antics of the artist or just the silliness that sometimes overly serious analysis produces. I would share my thoughts with others around me and would often get a reaction of surprise about my lack of complete solemnity regarding masterpieces. But I feel like you can love something without being solemn about it. That is what I am going to bring to this blog– an appreciation of art without the pretentiousness.

If you like what you have read in my introduction, please follow me so that you can be notified when I post new things. Now, come here for that hug.

-Stacy, the DD

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